Garage Flooring

The rest of your home is classy and elegant… but your garage remains the eye-sore.


Color chip flooring.

Before we begin

You get to pick your floor and chip colors.

We have examples for you to choose from.


The floor is ground to remove any sealant, paint, oil etc.

1/8 of an inch of concrete is removed with a diamond etching machine.

This is the only true way to properly prepare a floor for epoxy.


We apply 72% solid epoxy to your concrete.

Before the epoxy dries – flakes are scattered over the surface of your floor… adding to the beauty and covering any cracks or flaws in the concrete.


After 12 hours, we apply a 68% solid clear urethane to seal in the epoxy, the chips, and your beautiful new garage floor.


Leave your garage door open and enjoy the newly finished space.

Stay off the floor for 72 hours.

We return after this time to ensure that everything is put back in it’s place.

You can now begin parking in your garage again.

Total time

5 days from start to finish.

Clean up

Same as a kitchen floor.